Religious Education

The Sisters of Mercy, Parramatta, founded Our Lady of Lourdes School in 1963 and have had a lasting influence on the faith and prayer life of our school.

The Religious Education policy supports the school’s Mission Statement, Values Statement and Pastoral Care Policy. The staff of Our Lady of Lourdes aim to model Gospel virtues as taught in the life and words of Jesus, especially those of love, justice, peace, integrity, hope and compassion.

We believe that the religious education of a child is fostered by the partnership of home, parish and school. It is with this understanding that we nurture and develop the Catholic faith of the children that have been entrusted to us.

Religious Education is an important part of our curriculum and we aim to teach the syllabus with rigour.

The diocesan Religious Education syllabus is reflected in the school's liturgical and prayer life, pastoral care programs, local fundraising for charitable groups, religious art and music.

Reconciliation is offered to children from Year 2 and Eucharist in Year 3. The sacrament of Confirmation is offered to Year 5 students.

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