Other Programs

Our school is committed to providing the widest possible education and we are proud of our co- curricular and community activities.

We encourage our students to learn more than just the fundamentals, engaging them in a variety of extracurricular activities which cater to the needs of each individual, contributing to the development of each child outside of the classroom. In addition to our extracurricular opportunities, we provide a number of special education and pastoral care programs for students who require these services.

Some of the activities offered at Our Lady of Lourdes include:

  • Inter-school sport
  • Voice of Youth public speaking competition
  • School Band
  • Fundraising for St Vincent de Paul and Caritas Australia
  • Young Leaders leadership day
  • Anzac and Remembrance Day commemorations

Student Wellbeing and Special Education

At Our Lady of Lourdes, our pastoral care programs foster quality relationships characterised by a sense of partnership, support, inclusion and collaboration. In addition to this, we offer a number of special education and learning programs which cater to the needs of individual students.

These pastoral care and special education programs include:

  • Buddy and Peer Support programs
  • Social skills programs
  • Personal development for Years 5 and 6
  • Social justice workshops and outreach initiatives
  • Parent and parish support groups
  • Counselling
  • Literacy Support Programs
  • Maths Olympiad