Vision and Mission

The mission of all members at Our Lady of Lourdes is to work collaboratively to ensure that we are an authentic Catholic school, committed to quality teaching and learning.

Inspired by our faith we seek to live the Gospel by giving example to those entrusted to our care. In order to build relationships which are characterised by mutual respect, responsibility and care. Our community will show acceptance of diversity and act with justice.

These core principles drive our mission and vision as a school community on a daily basis.

Faith Education

To foster knowledge, love and commitment to Christ, to Catholic life and teaching, and to the living out of Gospel virtues. We will:

  • model Gospel virtues as taught by the life and words of Jesus, especially those of love, justice peace, integrity, hope and compassion
  • encourage the spiritual dimension in the lives of both children and adults
  • ensure that the children have the benefits of quality religious education programs
  • maintain a strong Catholic culture through the appropriate use of symbols and ceremonies, and participation in prayer and liturgy
  • demonstrate respect for the dignity of every child and adult in the school community
  • foster the cooperation of school, home and parish in the faith development of children.


To build a strong partnership of home, parish and school, based on mutual respect and shared hopes and understanding. We will:

  • foster quality relationships that are characterised by a sense of partnership, support, inclusion and collaboration
  • ensure that appropriate communication channels are maintained
  • promote amongst students, a sense of pride in, and stewardship of the school environment
  • foster a sense of responsibility and social justice by programs and initiatives
  • interact with the local community, both in making use of community resources and in supporting appropriate community initiatives.

Curriculum and Resources

To provide a relevant and challenging curriculum for all students. We will:

  • focus on the enhancement of quality teaching and learning which will require coordination of teachers’ work, maintenance of a stimulating learning environment and the provision of significant learning tasks
  • reflect upon the most appropriate ways of educating children towards meaningful and effective living
  • ensure that the Religious Education curriculum is taught with educational rigour
  • adopt a collaborative approach to curriculum leadership
  • evaluate and efficiently utilise human and technological resources
  • encourage and foster within students the skills of autonomous and independent learning, critical thinking and responsible decision-making
  • value and respect individual differences in abilities, learning styles, experiences and interests
  • promote the professional development of staff as a key strategy for ensuring quality education for students
  • regularly review and evaluate teaching practices and programs to ensure appropriate balance and quality.

Our Promise

We are conscious of the privilege entrusted to us of witnessing the wonder of God's love for us, and aware of the capacity of the human being to search, discover and renew. As such, we will, as teachers, strive to know what is good and do it, know what is right and witness to it and serve our God and the people of God with joy and hope.

May the blessing promised by God be ours and be for those with whom we journey.

“The wise leaders will shine with all the brightness of the sky. And those who have taught many people to do what is right will shine like the stars forever”.
Daniel 12:3-4